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The SQP training agreement is a critical document that governs the relationship between the successful candidate in the training program and the authorized SQP training provider. SQP stands for Suitably Qualified Person, and the training agreement aims to ensure that these individuals are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to dispense veterinary medicines in a responsible and safe manner.

The agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the trainee and the training provider and includes details such as the training schedule, assessment criteria, and requirements for ongoing training and development. Most SQP training agreements adhere to the UK`s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) guidelines.

The SQP training program is a regulatory requirement for individuals who wish to dispense veterinary medicines, including those classified as POM-VPS (prescription-only medicine that can be supplied by a veterinarian, pharmacist, or SQP) and NFA-VPS (non-food animal medicine that can be supplied by an SQP). The training program aims to ensure that SQPs understand the legal and ethical framework that governs veterinary medicines` supply and use.

The SQP training agreement lays out the training program`s core objectives, including knowledge of animal medicines, animal welfare, and the responsible use of antibiotics. Trainees must complete the designated modules and pass the final assessment to become qualified.

The training agreement also outlines the ongoing training and development requirements for SQPs. These requirements ensure that SQPs keep up with the latest regulatory changes, treatments, and products. Ongoing training can take various forms, such as attending workshops, seminars, or online courses.

An essential aspect of the SQP training agreement is the assessment criteria. The final assessment is designed to rigorously test an SQP`s knowledge and skills to ensure that they meet the regulatory requirements for dispensing veterinary medicines. The assessment typically consists of multiple-choice questions, case studies, and practical exercises.

In summary, the SQP training agreement outlines the key elements of the program that are necessary for SQPs to become suitably qualified. It is a contractual agreement between the trainee and the training provider, setting out the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. The SQP training program and the associated agreement play a crucial role in ensuring that veterinary medicines are dispensed safely and responsibly, contributing to the welfare of the UK`s animals and the protection of public health.